Physical event with Wisembly on display.

“How to make your event a success”, “8 steps to make your event a success”… Google is full of all kinds of articles on the subject. 

So yes, dates, location and budget are important… But a successful event is above all an engaging event, one that your participants will remember. At a time when we are looking for experiences rather than simple consumption, when we want to be actors rather than spectators, interactivity takes its place during the event.

Gone are the days of the speaker who speaks to a passive audience: encouraging exchanges and letting the audience speak is winning their loyalty. Whether it’s for an internal or external seminar, workshop, webinar or conference, whether it’s face-to-face, virtual or hybrid, a collaborative platform like Wisembly ensures an interactive event and captivated participants.

Let’s focus on some of the (many!) possible uses of our platform, with real-life examples: who better to talk about us than our clients? 

As you will see from the testimonies below, hybrid solutions are becoming increasingly important in the event industry. The ideal compromise between face-to-face and distance learning, it has established itself as THE federating format that meets everyone’s needs. 

Let’s get to the heart of the matter!



TEDx Conference – hybrid

On June 24th 2021, TEDxSaclay organized its first event in hybrid format. 

“Earth, our ship” was the theme of this day. A real challenge that required several months of organization and a Wisembly team on all fronts: from the support of our project managers to the animation of the live sessions on the day. The goal? That remote participants have as good a time as those on site!

The #TEDxSaclay event in figures was : 

  • About thirty speakers, 
  • More than sixty parallel sessions, 
  • About a hundred people on site,
  • And participants connected live on our platform!

Enter the backstage of the event in video:



At the end of October, 300 entrepreneurs met for the MEDEF Occitanie event: “Presidential 2022: making France succeed”. Several debates punctuated this day organized in a hybrid format… And all participants were able to take part! Thanks to Wisembly, whether in person or remotely, interaction was the order of the day through chat, video, and our various interactive modules.

“Wisembly allowed us to easily run a hybrid event that mixed face-to-face and remote. Remote participants were able to follow the debates in video and interact live on the chat room, just like the people present at the event, to ask questions and react to the debates. We appreciated the platform because it offers the moderator a simple interaction with the room, which puts an end to the classic top-down meeting format. The participant thus becomes an actor of the event.”

Mathieu BIANNE, MEDEF Occitanie Project Manager


Club Urba-EA

Anniversary event – hybrid

The URBA-EA Club is committed to the energy transition and the fight for climate protection. For their anniversary, they used Wisembly in a hybrid format. The challenge was to have the same experience on site and remotely, with a real-time video replay. The result: a dynamic roundtable with chat and video!

“Wisembly allowed us to organize and host the Club Urba-EA event [20 years + 1], in a hybrid format. Remote participants were able to follow the presentations in live streaming. And all the participants, both face-to-face and remote, were able to take part in the debates thanks to the chat.”

Michel Dardet – Secretary General of Club Urba-EA


Logo Enedis

Seminar – in person

Enedis chose Wisembly to run its “Connection and Engineering” seminar on October 13. About a hundred people attended this face-to-face event, with personalized support from our project manager. The objective? Involve and give voice to the teams. And we accomplished this thanks to our different modules: voting, forms, chat… Everyone had their say. 

“Wisembly helped us engage and involve our participants during our “Connection and Engineering” seminar. We used voting and forms to engage our audience and get their feedback, as well as the moderated chat feature so they could express themselves. We’ve had great feedback on using the platform.”

Oriane De Buttet and Olaf Landesman – Sia Partners consultants

Edouard Mulot – in charge of Network Engineering at Enedis



​​Conference – hybrid

On September 29, Wisembly had the pleasure of hosting a hybrid conference for the Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole on the theme “Responsible purchasing: a winning strategy!”. The challenge was to involve the participants, who were in remote as much as those in person: mission accomplished thanks to Wisembly! Between chat, questions and satisfaction forms, interactivity was the order of the day for all participants.

“Wisembly allowed us to engage and involve our audience during our hybrid conference. Thanks to the chat, both on-site and remote participants were able to post their questions and comments throughout the conference.”

Véronique Raison – Head of Purchasing, Transformation, Animation at the Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole


Logo sniaa

Annual event – hybrid

The Syndicat National des Ingrédients Aromatiques Alimentaires organized the Flavor Day 2021: a fifth edition for the first time in hybrid format. A success, since 350 people flew to the land of taste and flavors, either in person or remotely! All the ingredients were present to make this plenary a success: keynote and round tables were animated by surveys and quizzes signed by Wisembly.

“We are delighted with our collaboration with the Wisembly team on our hybrid event for 350 people. It was a first for us and the support and professionalism of the team was just right! They contributed to the success of our event. Thank you!” 

Cécile PINEL – General Delegate of the National Union of Food Flavoring Ingredients


Logo Bosch

Convention – hybrid

Bosch called on Wisembly to organize the European Retail Convention: an internal event in a hybrid format, which took place over two days. What was on the agenda? Video projection and capture, use of our interactive modules, and support from our project manager!

“We used Wisembly during our European Retail Convention. It allowed us to easily interact with the teams abroad. We used the chat module to collect questions and comments from our participants, and the word cloud module to debrief the event. Everything went very well, and we are satisfied.”

Marie-Capucine Remy – Junior International Retail Key Accounts Executive,

Guillaume Lefebvre – Business Developer at Bosch