Invite your contacts to your event

To expand your audience, you can send invitations directly from the Wisembly platform.

Prepare and send your mailings through an easy-to-use interface. You can schedule your follow-ups and maximize the results of openings.

Screens of invitation process on the Wisembly App

With Wisembly, your event management starts long before the big day!

You can import your contact list directly on the platform, in just a few clicks. An effective communication to make your project shine:

Prepare your email: use one of our predefined templates or take control of the entire message, you decide! Logo, typography and much more, our interface is totally customizable. It has been designed to be quick and efficient to use.
Schedule your reminders: no need to use several different platforms! With Wisembly, you can not only send out invitations, but also schedule your follow-ups. A must for reaching a wider audience.

Analyze your statistics: adapt your strategy according to your results! In real time, Wisembly allows you to consult several data such as the opening rate of your emails. You are in control of your project!

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