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Digitalization of events: Wisembly joins Mediactive Events

Digitalization of events: Wisembly joins Mediactive Events

Digitalization of events: Wisembly joins Mediactive Events

Mediactive Events, a subsidiary of Mediactive Group, acquires Wisembly, a digital platform for organizing and hosting corporate events. With more than 25 and 12 years of experience respectively, the merger between these two French companies aims to offer an increasingly complete range of infrastructure, services and digital solutions for event organizers.

Mediactive Group employs more than 100 people and has a turnover of more than 20M€. Today, it is the only “one stop shop” operator on the digital market. Through its 4 specialized divisions (Mediactive Digital, Mediactive Network, Mediactive Broadcast and Mediactive Events), the group brings together the skills and resources to meet the needs of software, platforms, technical infrastructures and operational production services in the field.

Wisembly, which has 25 employees and generates €1.7M in revenue (with major accounts, agencies, SMEs and government organizations), is the publisher of an all-in-one platform for organizing and running interactive and engaging events, regardless of their format: face-to-face, hybrid or virtual.

Two companies that have decided to join forces with a common goal: to put their know-how at the service of event organizers.

This acquisition strengthens Mediactive Events’ position in the digital event market, which is beneficial from all points of view.

  • Mediactive Events completes its offer of solutions for event organizers, agencies and companies. While the company already covers all phases of an event and offers all the tools (registration, ticketing, badges and access control, dedicated websites, mobile applications, audiovisual capture, live broadcasting, internet connectivity & temporary wifi, live animation …) with unique capabilities and a positioning focused on service and ultra-personalized, Wisembly brings its expertise as an all-in-one platform available to customers in SAAS mode.
  • Interactivity is the DNA of Wisembly. Because interactive tools considerably increase the attention of event participants, the company has invested in perfecting question and answer modules, quizzes, polls, votes, moods, word clouds, etc. Accessible from a cell phone or a computer, the platform was initially designed to run face-to-face sessions with a large-screen projection of all the live results, PPT presentations and recorded videos.

Since 2020, Wisembly also integrates live video, whether from a studio or with remote speakers and participants. Imagine a Teams or Zoom with all the interaction modules that these solutions don’t have…

Whether it’s face-to-face, remote or hybrid, all participants benefit from the same experience and the organizer only needs one interface to control everything (from invitation of participants to live production, including electronic badges and interactivity).

Jean-Charles Nicolas, President of Wisembly, and Guillaume Potier, founder and CTO of Wisembly, will also join the General Management of Mediactive Group. A collaboration that promises to be rich and promising for the event industry.

“We are very happy to join Mediactive. The event industry continues to digitize at a rapid pace and we have long believed in the all-in-one concept. With all the technologies and infrastructures offered by the group, we will continue to offer an ever more interactive and engaging platform for all your events in face-to-face, remote or hybrid format.”

Jean-Charles Nicolas, CEO Wisembly

“Wisembly, in contact with its customers, has always been committed to using the latest technologies and innovations in the web domain in order to build the most powerful and complete product, while remaining simple for users. Integrating Mediactive Events is an invaluable opportunity allowing us to benefit from increased technological, event and human expertise, while bringing our product and SAAS experience into the group.”

Guillaume Potier, co-founder of Wisembly

“With Wisembly we’ll be able to bring our customers a new range of ready-to-use services in a few clicks. This complements our ultra-customized service offerings that are not always necessary, while guaranteeing our customers the same operational quality that has made Mediactive’s reputation (functional richness, reliability, performance, security). A historical DNA shared with Wisembly. It is also important to note the complementarity and complicity of the teams, which will become one. There was no other SAAS platform with which we would have liked this rapprochement.”

Alexandre Lafond, Founder and President Mediactive Group

About Wisembly

Wisembly is an all-in-one event management platform that allows you to host and manage events, whether they are hybrid, virtual or face-to-face. The solution engages participants through chat and video, combined with numerous interactive modules. For over 12 years, Wisembly has been helping companies and institutions with various event projects: conferences, seminars, meetings, training, webinars, and other hybrid events.

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About Mediactive Group

As a historical and reference operator of digital services, Mediactive Group integrates all the skills and resources

Mediactive Group integrates all the skills and resources needed to design, develop, host and operate all types of services and platforms, particularly those dedicated to events via Mediactive Events. The 4 specialized divisions (Mediactive Digital, Mediactive Network, Mediactive Broadcast and Mediactive Events) are one and the same when it comes to building and operating innovative and customized solutions.

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