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Boost your audience and collect representative feedback. The use of Wisembly generates an average 80% increase in participation and can be used in anonymous mode to give your collaborators a voice.


How does it work ?


1. Prepare

Gather documents to be projected or downloaded, invite participants, prepare votes and questionnaires, all of this is done online on the Wisembly platform.


2. Facilitate

From your facilitation interface, you can launch your votes and questionnaires, sort contributions, display documents, change slides, etc. If you wish, contributions can be moderated.


3. Analyze

At the end of the conference, Wisembly automatically provides a statistical report as well as a timeline view of the different content generated. Everything can be exported.

Empower your audience and collect actionable feedback

The conference format has not evolved for a millennia: one or more speakers address an audience that has the opportunity to ask two or three questions at the end when there is time. How to make these privileged moments in a company's communication more interactive and effective? Wisembly is a simple and interactive platform for speakers and participants. Participants can attend and contribute to the conference from any location and from any device. Participation is encouraged thanks to anonymity and the various available features. Whatever the topic of your conference is, marketing presentation, financial roadshow, CEO roadshow, most of our clients open their Wisembly platform at least one week in advance. This allows you to engage your employees, collect their ideas on the subject of the presentation, and better prepare the conference. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to assess the skills and competence of your audience as you work on your slides! On the day of the event, in one click and without installing or downloading anything, your participants will connect to Wisembly from their smartphone, tablet or computer. You will be able to welcome them with an icebreaker vote, for example, to start the discussion. They will then be able to post comments and questions on their names or anonymously to encourage even the shyest of them. They will also be able to answer the votes and questionnaires you have prepared. Your team will be able to moderate the messages, or classify them by theme to make your work easier. When it's time to conclude, launch a satisfaction questionnaire and analyze your audience's feedback in real time. At the end of the seminar, share the documents and the conference activity report with your participants. They will be able to find the highlights and content of the discussions. You will be able to collect areas of improvement and continue to answer questions directly on the platform.

Wisembly is an all-in-one solution specially designed to simplify your life during your conferences: accessible without any download reliable and secure platform. All your data is protected and hosted in France. a single platform where the program, the speakers, the different sessions, participants' questions, votes, and the satisfaction questionnaire can be managed. providing a Wisembly project manager on the D-day if you need one. Adapts to all your communication formats: communication, HR, digital transformation, project management... Wisembly has been working with 400 clients for more than ten years. We have a dedicated team in charge of preparing your conferences with you in order to define the format and interactive content best suited to your needs. See you soon !


Jean-charles Arnault

Key Account Manager Wisembly

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Crédit Agricole

We use Wisembly a lot to ensure that all of our company's employees are well informed, whether they are physically at work or remotely working. We are committed to maintaining operational, functional and informal communication for everyone, and at the same time ensuring a good professional and personal balance for everyone.


Innovation-Digital-Automation-Simplification Project Manager at Crédit Agricole

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