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Corporate seminars

The full range of Wisembly features is ideal for organizing modular events over one or more days. You can combine plenary sessions with activities, and workshops. Everything can be done in real time or asynchronously.

Corporate seminars

How does it work ?


1. Prepare

Invite your participants a week ahead of time. They can already check the program of the plenary sessions and workshops and debate the themes that interest them.


2. Facilitate

Prioritize the questions for the speakers. Break the ice or poll your audience with votes. Have break out session for team collaboration. Launch a satisfaction survey at the end of your seminar.


3. Analyze

Record all exchanges and share the most popular questions in your corporate content. You can also cross-reference the data to better understand the source and detail of feedback.

Seminars that are fully efficient for both organizers and participants.

Company seminars are key moments in the life of a company. It costs a lot of money and energy to bring all the teams together. How to make the most of these precious moments? Wisembly allows you to involve and work with up to thousands of participants, either physically or remotely, with just a few clicks. Are you organizing a seminar to present the goals and projects for the following year? Several speakers are going to deliver plenary sessions, and you want to get the participants to work in small groups? Choose Wisembly to strengthen the relationship between your collaborators and get the most out of this moment of interaction. Your participants will be proactive, more attentive and involved in your seminar. Wisembly allows you to combine plenary sessions, activities, and workshops to be followed in real time or asynchronously. In a single click and without installing or downloading anything, your participants can log onto Wisembly from their smartphone, tablet or computer. From your seminar's home page, they will be able to access the program, the plenary session, and the workshops to which they are invited. They will be able to post comments and questions on their own name, or anonymously to encourage even the shyest ones. You are able to moderate the messages, or classify them by theme to make the speakers' work easier. The participants can answer the polls and questionnaires you have prepared. At the end of the seminar, share the activity report with your participants. They will be able to find the highlights and the content of the exchanges.

Wisembly is an all-in-one solution specially designed to simplify your life during your seminars: accessible without any download reliable and secure platform. All your data is protected and hosted in France. a single platform where the program, the speakers, the different sessions, participants' questions, votes, and the satisfaction questionnaire can be managed. providing a Wisembly project manager on the D-day if you need one. adapts to all your communication formats: communication, HR, digital transformation, project management... Wisembly has been working with 400 clients for over ten years. We have a committed team in charge of preparing your seminars with you in order to define the format and interactive content that best suits your needs. See you soon.


Jean-charles Arnault

Key Account Manager Wisembly

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Crédit Agricole

We use Wisembly a lot to ensure that all of our company's employees are well informed, whether they are physically at work or remotely working. We are committed to maintaining operational, functional and informal communication for everyone, and at the same time ensuring a good professional and personal balance for everyone.


Innovation-Digital-Automation-Simplification Project Manager at Crédit Agricole

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